It's always difficult to write about one's self, an autobiography as it were. Not to mention also that I don't feel I'm very photogenic whatsoever, which of course doesn't help when when attempting to reflect myself thru these many pages.

But this whole website is really one big "About CP" if you look at it like that.

But my intention is not to document an entire account of my life. Instead, I merely intend to highlight a few areas about myself, and those topics I myself or select others might find interesting or fun, or simply a place for me to express a few things to the world.

And so, there you have it. As you read thru these pages, I hope you too find things of interest.


To provide companies and individuals with creative, innovative, contemporary and traditional marketing, outstanding graphic design, and online interactive website design/development that will inform, impress, inspire and motivate.

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Curriculum Vitae...

It's either:

"I'm fine, everything's great, anything's possible."


"I'm fucked, people suck, everything's going to Hell, nothing can be done, and what the fuck would be the point anyway?"

I tend to swing one way then the other, depending on the weather of that day.

What you see up top is my main logo. But for other purposes...

What is that thing anyway? And what does it symbolize?
The REAL lesson I get from Icarus...

It's a logo, comprised of a drum stick with wings, and an aviation headset. Perhaps a little over the top, but it attempts to symbolize at least some of the things I love most, including music and playing drums, aviation/flight, hope and inspiration. (I hope it does anyway.)

I call him "Sticarus," after drum "Stick" and "Icarus." 

(Illustration: "Cookie" by Uildrim - Deviant Art...)

To Whom It May Concern:

I feel compelled to set the record straight on accusations leveled at me, and perhaps clarify to one and all, who and what I am and from where my real motivation comes.

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Ice-cream or Mint Ice-cream with Chocolate Ships
Cream Soda, Rock Candy and Cotton Candy
The Cookie Criminal
True Motivation; Making the World a Better, Sweeter Place
Good vs Evil; Sweet vs Starvation