Leonardo da Vinci would be proud. So let's see if you can hover first flight? Now hover and yaw 360...!?!?

R22 — 40725 — Van Nuys > (Pacific Palisades > Malibu > Woodland Hills) > Van Nuys — Demo flt, and hovering — 1hrs

Southbound over the hills, down to the coast, then back to the airport for hover maneuvers. VERY fun! Can't believe I aced all maneuvers and challenges first time. 

I'm hooked. Simm'ing is great, but this is the real deal.

Leonardo da Vinci is quoted to say:
“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

And he's right, you know?

So I wanted to take a ride... But the higher truth here, is that it's not merely a “ride” in a helicopter, like some little boy who paid his nickle and, peeing in his pants, anxiously awaits a few bumps of the saddle on some amusement park mechanical elephant with a painted smile personified.

No, indeed this world is suddenly much grander for me, and is for me now open to the greater spectrum of all general aviation and the sheer freedom of flying. Being at the controls of such a flight is all the difference in the universe. Because only there, with complete autonomy of banking left or right, climbing to heights where you dare not look down, or even better, the souring down with negative G's, like a rollercoaster, your stomach in your throat, can you truly feel on top of the world, and appreciate the wind that magically keeps you aloft, the cool temperatures, the awesome power in the changing weather, rain showers you pass thru, the tranquility of cruising over the clouds, the almost spiritual view to the distant sunrise seen like no where else on the ground level, or the liberating view and vast space with a never-ending horizon stretched out before you. (And at night all this is even more enchanting.)

Now THAT's what I call a “ride!”