"Yes, have the plane waiting at the apron for me..."

C172 — N96808 — Santa Ana > Van Nuys — Intro flt — 1hrs

Welcome to Santa Ana airport. As if I wasn't hooked already, getting picked up in Van Nuys and jumping in a plane (that i fly) to travel our way down to Santa Ana instead of a long bout with traffic down the 405, truly cinched it for me. 

We went down together, me and my partner. I flew back. 

On the return flight, first we had to get clearance out of SNA, spot the GoodYear Blimp down below, then fly the VFR corridor over LAX, and quickly duck under the 3000ft Burbank Class C shelf as we traversed over the Sepuveda Pass into Encino/Sherman Oaks valley.

The lesson? Many. But now I'm just a little part elite jetset too.