You can already land?? Really.........?

C172 — N65835 — Santa Ana > (practice area) — Basics and checklists — 1hrs

Welcome to Sunrise Aviation, one of the biggest and most prestigious flight schools in the world, and my new rich-kid hobby (for poor kids like me).

1hr flight, mostly just getting oriented to the school and the business of being a student pilot with the initial basic maneuvers, etc., but what's memorable about this flight is the landing...

Students don't typically land the plane first time out, unless VERY assisted by the instructor. But with some incredulity, she wanted to test the validity of my bold statement that I could already land the plane unassisted.

I said: "Well, 'you take the blue pill, you wake up in your bed and believe anything you want.'" But you watch me land this plane.

Which I did.

Correct glide slope, air speed, runway centered, and flared right on the numbers with a smooth gentle touch down.

I never said there wasn't more to learn and practice as a student. But remember, learning to fly is largely self-taught, despite the flight school, syllabus, CFI, and tests. So don't let the instructor hold you back from your own pace and ability. Show them how it's done. There's no arguing with competence.