"Oh, am I boring you??"

C172 — N7245T — Tehachapi > Whiteman — Basics — 1hrs

1hr fool around flight from Tehachapi back to Whiteman, where I was pretty certain this new instructor was offering to teach just to get a chance to seduce my unsuspecting partner, you really need to question the motives.

No preflight inspection, no preflight briefing, no planning with the map or GPS, nothing, despite asking. I mean, it's always fun to fly, but preps make it real to the student...

Then, impatiently tapping fingers on the dashboard like there's something better to be doing, is not only distracting and discouraging to any student, but downright rude. And in a world of threatened aviation, we need all the good quality pilots we can have instructors make, no?

Lesson learned: Never take on an instructor till you've interviewed them thoroughly inside and out, and there's nothing but honest instruction on the table. They're just people too, good or bad, and a student deserves a quality instructor to become a quality pilot. Just my 2 cents.

PS. Sporty's Private Pilot DVD's are great, and offer both a thorough list of things to check when choosing a flight school, and questions to ask when interviewing a new instructor. You might be surprised what you discover.