Ground School Revisited

Well out with the old, and in with the new. This time from Sporty's.

In brief, Rob Reider does a great job on these newer DVDs, and the material, though pretty much same as all Private Pilot ground school curriculum, is very well put together, and walks the student pilot thru nicely.

I personally feel that the weather is presented with a pretty dry, pedantic and tedious approach. But I also confess to weather not being my favorite subject (as with many pilots in general), and that adds to the slight lack of interest to get thru these sections.

However, I especially enjoy the "Closer Look" ditties by Richard Collins, Author at Air Facts Journal. I get next to those short clips and the lessons therein, and how he imparts some really important lessons in his own unique way.

Still, like previous ground school studies, I went thru these newer DVDs multiple times over, and then again, to ensure I had gained marked certainty of the materials covered. I still do from time to time.

I don't view myself as a pilot with many high ambitions, but regardless, the foundation of solid theory and procedures are there even for the most relaxed of flights.