Evil Private Jet from Hell - Taxiway Incursion

C172 — N96353 — Santa Ana > (practice area) — T/O, Basics, Landing — 1.2hrs

Already a busy day, you could feel the tension in the air. Worse, a new lady Controller in the tower is anything but smooth, and giving pilots her attitude, just made for bad juju on the apron.

The short version of this story is called Taxiway Incursion.

And so, a private jet pilot pressured by his pseudo-vip passenger clients no doubt, not wanting to wait while Miss Fumblemic in the tower still working the room, eventually gets around to give him clearance to the gate. So why wait?

Me, I saw it coming, and sure as shit this evil private jet comes barreling thru all taxiway intersections like a bat out of hell, and would have ran right into me.

So I stopped and gave way, even though the taxiway was mine. My instructor gave me an "attaboy" for my prudence, but that Controller lady went postal on him.

I certainly wouldn't wanna be him after he parks at the gate.