Slow Flight - Hanging the plane on the prop - The great turtle escape

C172 — N608DL — Santa Ana > (practice area) — Performance T/O, Slow Flt, Landing — 1.2hrs

Learning to "hang the plane on the prop," as they say.

So what can I take away from all this? Well obviously, if the tortoise was meant to fly, he too would have been born with wings. But a plane will fall from the sky even with its indigenous wings, if there's no lift.

Got it.

Hence the great turtle escape... Slow flight; that delicate balance between lift and stall. Just enough lift to keep from falling out of the sky. a tortoise.

But slow flight practice is there for a few excellent reasons;

  • to prepare for landings,

  • familiarize one with known as "the back side of the power curve" and how the plane responds when flying slow, as when landing,

  • to realize in practice that a stall can happen at any time, and for a lot of different reasons, even a simple gust of wind in the wrong direction, and to feel it coming, to feel the mushy controls and how to anticipate a stall in any condition/attitude, etc.,

  • to learn that here we need to increase power for lift, and lower pitch for speed,
  • all that, and slowing down to do some sightseeing.

And so it's all about keeping lift, keeping control, and not stalling/falling.