Stalls; What's the worst that could happen, right? Go Around!

C172 — N608DL — Santa Ana > (practice area) — Performance T/O, Stalls, Landing — 1.2hrs

Like Mad Magazine "What, me? Worry?" So why practice stalling a plane? Kinda like practicing crashing a plane, if you think about it.

Still, I had to come to terms with stalls, one way or another, even just for practice. So...

Say on Final approach I'm too slow. Sink and stall. Ouch time.

Say I'm too fast. I over-shoot the landing, or the entire runway. Ouch time. Better to go around.

Say I'm too low. I pitch up and stall. Ouch time.

Say I'm way too high. I dive to make the numbers. Now I'm too steep and gotta pull up to break the dive, and stall. Ouch time. Better to go around than to risk a stall.

Say again I'm too high. If I make a forward slip successfully, ok. But I risk stress on the airframe, and possible damage mid-air, and a stall. Ouch time.

Say I over-shoot the turn Base to Final. I turn too steep to compensate and stall. Ouch time.

So a stall can happen for a lot of reasons really, and to recognize the oncoming stall only comes with practice feeling the real sensation.

When in doubt, punch it, and go around.