Altitude with Attitude - More Stalls of all Flavors and C172 Vspeeds

C172 — N54538 — Santa Ana > (practice area) — Performance T/O, Stalls, Landing — 1.2hrs

Takeoff stall, landing stall, clean stall (no flaps), dirty stall (flaps), climbing stall, descending stall, turning stall, and all combinations thereof. Gotta practice them all. After a while, it's not unlike riding in a small sailboat on a stormy sea. Hurl.

I find it does help to know the Vspeeds cold, so you know what you're looking for throughout the whole flight.

I never found a decent chart illustrating the Vspeeds on the Airspeed Indicator, so I did the illustration myself.

John Belushi
And to one of my all-time favorite comedians, who's hysterical character in the movie 1941 often inspires me to continued perseverance thru all obstacles in my aviation career.
Altitude with Attitude.