Fog; The Dragon's Breath - VFR vs IFR

C172 — N608DL — Santa Ana > (practice area) — Performance T/O, Basics, Landing — 1.2hrs

Off we go basking in the warm California sunshine, and there we are having a nice practice flight looking cool in sunglasses. We wrap up and start coming back, only to discover that fog rolled in over SNA. Suddenly VFR becomes IFR. That changed things alright.

To me, aviation seems divided into the two categories of those who CAN see where they're going, and those who CANNOT see where they're going.

If you can see where you're going, then you follow the rules of visual flight (VFR), and look where you're going.

If you can't see where you're going for whatever reason (such as clouds) or period of time, you gotta use only instruments and get others (ATC) to help you see, and follow the rules of flying by those instruments (IFR).

Well we tuned ELB (the El Toro VOR), then ILS for Rwy 19R, and of course we got in ok safe and sound.

But I believe similar rules should apply to driving on the roads---those who can see and know where they're going, and those who can't. I don't know, but perhaps we might have less accidents everywhere.

It was fun really, but a lesson I won't forget.  "For it is the doom of man that he forget."