The Shaguri Japanese Ninja 3-finger Hold

C172 — N96353 — Santa Ana > (practice area) — Turns, MCA, Power-off Stalls, Basic, Landing — 1.3hrs

(And here is where I would start my long career with Stalls, little did I know at the time). I was lucky to have had an alternate instructor this day, as we ventured out to the hazy California sky to practice stalls. A very petite Japanese gal who was not just a great CFI, but a kick-ass aerobatic pilot herself. Out of my league really.

But what struck me is how in demonstrating a stall, how this tiny gal was able to man-handle the plane with the greatest of ease. Meanwhile I was yoke-choking and white-knuckle gripping for dear life. I was convinced she was some kind of Ninja Marshall artist, able to Jujitsu some big dude to his knees by a single hold on his wrist or something.

She said: "Here, try holding the yoke with only 3 fingers, and lightly so."

Almost magic. The trim had a lot to do with it of course, but suddenly from there I could see how my grip was a result of anxiety unwarranted, and the plane flew fine if I just relax and make gentle control input adjustments.

That's awesome! Thanks Shaguri, I'll never forget you.