Joystick... For Real!

Cozy Mark IV — N149DM — Craig, Jacksonville > (DAB Daytona > and back) — T/O, Basics, GPS nav, Approach — 1hrs

Nice fun flt over the Jacksonville sectional in a WAY different plane.

Staying with dear friends, I got the rare opportunity to try my hand out in a totally different plane.

The Cozy is a canard (little front-wing) plane that looks more like a mini British Concorde than anything else. Light and fast, and handles good bit different than the C172 I'm used to.

The interesting thing is flying by joystick. Here again my hours on SIM come in handy as it's joystick always, but in a real plane I really miss the feel of weighted yoke, and you gotta have a really light touch for any control input.

The Cozy lands a lot faster too, so the landing was much different experience.

But a great experience all in all. I believe it's good to focus on one plane for consistency of training, but also valuable to take those rare opportunities to fly a different plane when possible. My first real flying lesson was a R22 helicopter.