IT'S NOT ME!!! - A flight school that holds you back...

One reading this blog in chrono and paying attention to the lessons therein, could get the idea I simply can't land the plane, and so the instructor is gonna Touch&Go me to death to try to teach me.... NOT!!!!

I state for the record that I could reasonably land the plane before I ever got to this school!!

Reality Check Question: 
Although I would never say there is nothing more to learn, if as a student pilot I demonstrated competence to land a C172 unassisted back in 2002 with the CFI's accolades and with almost no prior training to that point, why then must I clock up another hundred landings to prove it is not so very difficult to land the plane?

It's not me, but the school's approach to training and the instructor's expectations. And before you nod your head in disbelief, just hear me out.

Sorry to school-bash here again, but logically if my Instructor "A" (whom I respect and seek to learn from always) witnesses dozens of successful landings (in adverse conditions) and feels I'm ready to solo (as indeed the plane came down nice just fine all these times), then passes me up to the school Boss "B" (airforce background expecting his idea of perfection) for a pre-solo "checkride" (whatever that means---another arbitrary coming from nowhere in conventional flight training), then why do I somehow not make the grade for solo?? What, I might crash the plane? Clearly not after hundreds of experiments.

A hard lesson learned; Military background of Instructors can be a impediment as much as a benefit. They are taught by different methods, with different pressures, to different standards and with different ambitions. Not necessarily higher, just different. Not that I want to lower my standards, or couldn't benefit from this, but where is that fine line between pass and fail for the diligent (but civilian) student pilot?

In a later blog I recount how a more relaxed (but equally professional and demanding) CFI Solo'd me far earlier, without such never-ending T&G trials. And in still another blog I bring to focus the real purpose and training intent of the T&G maneuver, and it's far from what many students and CFI's think.

So choosing the right school is important; choosing the right instructor can mean all the difference in the world to your aviation education. Don't go in blind and suffer disparagement, frustration and disappointment later. Wastes time and money, and enthusiasm.

Interview the instructor. Take a demo flight. See how you like them. Talk to other students and get their feedback.

Sporty's Private Pilot DVDs have a whole list of questions and ways to choose the right school and right instructor.

Don't get stuck with bad school with bad instructors that hold you back. It's your money, it's your time, it's your flight education, it's your fun.