Training Intensively - This is the life! The Ideal Routine for any student pilot...

C172 — N821SD — North Perry Hollywood, FL > (practice area) — T/O, S-Turns, Turns around point, Gusty Winds, Xwind Landing — 1.3hrs

Although I'm not in the wind quite as much as I want, I'm really enjoying the life I have been fortunate enough to find myself living (at least for now). For this next 3 months it's aviation bootcamp for me; A long extended vacation where I stay in a hotel, work in the off hours, but devote the bulk of my time to both ground school and flight training till you drop. (Tough life, I know...) In fact, the whole "work thing" is getting in the way of my otherwise dedicated schedule of eat, sleep, and fly again the next day.

However, it's an important point, as my training more so than many other people, has suffered a lot of interruptions and long delays. Things become forgotten, routines fade, and inevitably it costs SO much more money to have to backtrack and start almost all over again each time.

Lesson? Train intensively. Don't suffer these long breaks like I have. Fly right on thru to Private, or whichever level being worked on to attain.

Obvious, but true none the less. No matter what comes of this next 2-3 months, I'm confident it will have given me more than ever training in spurts could do.