Endless Touch & Go's — Why??

C172 — N66213 — North Perry Hollywood, FL — T&Go's, Gusty Winds, 5 Landings — 0.8 hrs

And here is where I would start my long career with Touch&Go's (little did I know at the time). Once I had mastered a lot of landings in dual instruction, it seemed pointless (or punishment) till I realized the true purpose and benefits of the Touch&Go maneuver. Why Touch&Go, and why over and over and over again??

AOPA states that:
"Touch-and-go practice provides the advanced student and certificated pilot a technique for an emergency go-around should he or she detect a runway hazard after touching down — such as an animal or another airplane on the runway, or the inability to meet a land-and-hold-short requirement. Touch and goes can also reduce training time and student costs."

All true. And the CFI should make this purpose and benefits crystal clear so the student doesn't think he's just being tested to land the plane (or just punished) before he gets his Solo endorsement. It's NOT a test (nor punishment). Touch&Go's are a real maneuver among many that are important and can save your life, and indeed the lives of other if involved.

Example: Non-towered airport, calm wind, another plane off the radio decides to land on the opposite side to you, and you don't realize till you see him there at 12 o'clock ready for a nice game of chicken. What would you do?
Hence Touch&Go! Presume he's unaware, and it's up to you. Can't beep the horn to alert him. You're too fast to slow down and he's coming right at you cutting the time to a fraction. And you're too slow to just pitch up and fly over, as you'll stall and merge with his cockpit. You can't swerve off the runway pavement most likely, for risk of certain damage no matter what. Now what?
No choice---you Touch&Go just like it's taught, and get back in the wind on over him. 

And also know that repetitious Touch & Gos are surprisingly physically demanding too---8, 10, 12 in a row and I'm toast. So prepare for a little fatigue, and strap in for the merry go round. And tomorrow again.

It's worth the time.