More Touch & Go's... "Airspeed / Aimpoint / Centerline"

C172 — N821SD — North Perry Hollywood, FL — T&Go's, Gusty Winds, 7 Landings — 0.9 hrs

In a nutshell, I learned, on Final, chant the words; "Airspeed, Aimpoint, Centerline."

Means maintain the correct airspeed and no lower. Fly the plane down to the numbers. Tighten up the centerline, and don't drift. Takes a little discipline perhaps.

Why? Think about this...

  1. Airspeed provides lift and keeps away from the stall. If you're slow and have to pitch up or there's a wind gust upwind, you stall and splat.

  2. Aim for as much runway as available. Fly down to the numbers, and/or use every inch of the runway you can----you might need it someday. If you overrun the runway, especially with any obstacles at runway end (like a tree!!), you splat. 

  3. And landing one side or the other of the centerline leaves just that much less margin for error once you on the roll. You got a crosswind or gust from the side, you roll off and splat.

Definition of Splat:

To land or be squashed with a sound of something soft and wet or heavy striking a surface.
"The pilot makes a huge splat as he hits the ground."