Death by Touch & Go's / If I could do it all over again... Train Uninterrupted!

C172 — N821SD — North Perry Hollywood, FL — T&Go's, Gusty Winds, 9 Landings — 1 hrs

Hey, more Touch&Gos, cooooooooooool!!

Although a bad day flying is better than a good day on the ground, these T&Gs are gonna be the death of me...

But what better way to go?

When it's my time to die and depart this life, I wanna go out as a pilot in action. An aviation statistic.

A morbid sentiment perhaps, but given a thousand other choices for such final departure, at least people will know I left doing something I love, and not as a lab-rat cooped up in some hospital at the hand of quacks and butchers.

I don't even care for fame or glory. Just make it quick, while doing something I love.

Malcolm said: "There's a lot of fine ways to die. I ain't waiting for the Alliance to choose mine."

But if I could do it all over again, what would I do different?  

Plan it out and go from start to finish without interruption!!

Although everyone gets the "flying bug" whenever in life they get it, and I got it rather late in life, I should have got it earlier. Would have been far better. Even the Military would have been at least a half a thought (not really, but still).

But most importantly, I should have planned out THE WHOLE OF MY TRAINING, start-to-end, soup-to-nuts, complete with finances, training targets and deadlines, and all barriers anticipated and prepared for.

Learn from my mistake of training without the full training lineup planned, paid, and uninterrupted.

I never give up, EVER!! But it truly costs more, in time, money, frustrations, and all.