How important is Trim? Expertise vs Ability to Teach

C172 — N821SD — North Perry Hollywood, FL — T&Go's, Go-arounds, Gusty Winds, 3 Landings — 0.6 hrs

For a student, is perfecting the Trim a luxury? Strongly recommended? Or absolutely essential?

Well, I already know beyond Pitch-Power-Rudder-Trim as a routine, that Trim is indeed your friend. Set the attitude you want and trim it. The plane flies itself. Reduces your workload by 90%, if you have it trimmed correctly. Hold the yoke gently. If you're yoke choking, it means you're out of trim. I got it, academically.

But should an instructor prevent a student's Solo for lack of perfect Trim?

I say no... But who am I to argue with a far more experienced instructor you ask? Just a rookie. However expertise in ability to fly (meaning the instructor), and being able to TEACH that expertise to the student, is something entirely different.

I feel a student will learn a step at a time at his pace regardless, and the instructor should find out why he's not getting it if there's something he's slow on. And though Trim IS important and does need to become second nature, still, let him land the plane, even if he's not Trimming perfectly, and thus fighting the yoke a little. Let him Solo!!! For the love of God!!! So he fights the yoke because the Trim is still not second nature. So what??? He'll get it eventually. About all pilots inevitably do. And my Trim work was not bad. Just not as perfect as the instructor's Trim, and it seems the last on my list to think of with all else going on.

Just my 2 cents.