Emergency landing - streets, dirt roads, telephone poles, high wires, obstacles

C172 — N733UJ — Tampa Executive Airport, FL — Review, Touch&Go, Ground Reference Maneuvers, CTD, Stalls, 2 Landings — 1.4 hrs

So, hello to a new home airport, new flight school, and new instructor. VDF; a relaxed instructor makes for more self reliance in the student. Laid back, easy going, but knew his business well. We're off to a great start and getting a lot done efficiently.

The photo is funny, but it's actually a runway lower than the adjacent hillside and road, and serves to depict obstacles on final approach just the same. With the emergency ABC's, the "best" choice of landing touch down might be a nice open field or dirt road that's obvious and appealing from altitude, but with bumps, holes, trees or telephone poles/wires that are less visible from altitude, you still run the risk of damage getting down. I learned here once more, try to make the "best" choice of landing field.