You pay your nickle, and you go round again...

C172 — N733UJ — Tampa Executive Airport, FL — Solo Touch&Go's, 4 Landings — 0.4 hrs

Of course a little anticlimactic as this was technically not my first Solo, but still. At least this time I didn't have to wade thru doing hundreds of Touch&Go's proving that I can do perfect trim adjustments till I'm about to go postal on the instructor and the school before I get the endorsement. For which I'm eternally grateful.

However, this time I took the opportunity to do what a student should do, and simply continue the Touch&Go's for a few more times in Solo. So with my endorsement in ink, I gave the instructor his hat and asked him what's his hurry (meaning “thanks much, now get the hell out my plane. You bother me!!)

And away I go. It's fascinating really, as alone one can immediately feel the huge weight/balance difference of the plane in solo, without the instructor on the right. It's a kick.

So round and round the pattern I fly; I'm not even paying attention to how many times up and down. Clean heart, and my song is in the wind. Finally!

Time flies when you're having fun (or is that backwards?), and after what seemed a short time to me I got a call on the radio from Unicom operator; "the instructor would like to know how many more times you gonna go around?"
To which I replied, "what, ran out of nickles already?? Damn! I was just having fun..."

So with some reluctance, I finally came down to Earth again.