Within 25nm Solo prep run

C172 — N733UJ — Tampa Executive Airport, FL > Zephyrhills Muni — Additional airport within 25nm (dual), 2 Landings — 0.8 hrs

So now that I've Solo'd (again), we got the within-25-miles first airport mini-cross-country to do, and this is the prep run. I almost resent the instructor there with me, but a necessary evil according to most pilot training. Still, soon I'll dump him off, and come right back myself, and that's more than I've done before, so worth the effort.

What I liked about this run, is pretending the instructor was not there at all as instructor, but treating him as merely a passenger. So we relaxed, shoot the shit like 2 friends would on a short flight. He's not busting my chops about every little detail because he's verified I've done all my homework top to bottom, and the wind being about the only variable to update, I just need to show I can do it for real.

So, that's the lesson really; once you've done your flight plan, relax and enjoy the flight.