Snoopy; the World War 1 Flying Ace - Soft Collar Scarf

C172 — N733UJ — Tampa Executive Airport, FL > Zephyrhills Muni — Additional airport within 25nm (solo), 2 Landings — 0.8 hrs

Finally with no instructor there sitting next to me, I have the autonomy of all decisions, and I can stay ahead of the plane. And that's an important difference; the freedom from external control or influence from the instructor; the complete independence to command the optimum flight based on all factors present. Thus solo. It's not just being alone, you know?

And so it's back to ZPH, but this time I'm on my own.

Not sure why I thought of Snoopy on this run, but somehow Snoopy depicts this autonomy in his flying of his dog house. And like the rest of the world, Snoopy is one my most favorite cartoon characters since childhood, an yet another inspiration for flying.

Also notice though, that Snoopy and old-time fighter pilots would wear a scarf to fly. Well I learned first hand that it's not just for the cold; They wear a high soft collar so they can constantly turn their head and look around, but not burn their neck on the jacket collar or shoulder harness.

Still holds true today. I wear at least a high collar summer shirt even when it's hot, to protect my neck from the shoulder harness.