Preflight - A Tiny Bug Could Ruin Everything...

C172 — N733UJ — Tampa Executive Airport, FL > Brooksville Regional Airport — Additional airport more than 25nm but less than 50nm (dual), 2 Landings — 0.9 hrs

Ok, so I'm grooving into my solo cross country's now. On this preflight, I found a bug in my fuel vent. Huh, what are the odds, right?

But still, knowing what would happen if any of the plane's exterior plumbing is blocked is important and essential.

Check it; the fuel vent tube on the left tank faces into the wind. This pressurizes the left tank first (and the right tank through the breather tube connecting the two). If blocked less air flows, less pressure in the tanks, less fuel if needed for climbing, and potentially uneven tank consumption.

If any of the vents are blocked less air flows.

If the Static port is blocked, no air flows to the Airspeed indicator, Altimeter and Vertical speed indicator. Shit, that's half your six pack of instruments gone!

 So a good thorough preflight is important.