Waving Hello to John Travolta thru the open window

C172 — N733UJ — Tampa Executive Airport, FL > Ocala International Airport — Xcountry solo, 2 Landings — 1.7 hrs

I have to say John Travolta is a great inspiration for me in many ways. Actor, singer, dancer, movie  producer, writer, and goodwill ambassador. He's a legend, even without his aviation. He owns 5 aircraft.

This was truly one of the more enjoyable flights of my rookie career, and I just had to fly over his place, Jumbolair (17FL) in Ocala.

It was a good long solo to clock up, and a nice easy run.

I was feeling rather liberated flying with the windows open, as it was so hot that day. You wouldn't realize the wind on a calm day could be so ferocious, but in a plane at 120 knots, it pulls your arm back if you stick your hand out the window.

I waved hello and closed the window to make the entry call to OCF tower.