The Stevie Wonder Academy of Aviation

C172 — N9522Q — Tampa Executive Airport, FL — Hood Training, tracking VORs, ILS approach, Unusual Attitude Recovery, and more, 1 Landing — 1.2 hrs

On this flight I got inspired to start a flight school.... I'm gonna call it "The Stevie Wonder Academy of Aviation" and we all fly blind-folded practicing our Instrument navigation in bad weather while listening to "Superstition" thru the headsets.
Ironically, turns out Stevie Wonder really did fly a plane, as the story goes.

And no, that's not the worst of it! On the plane I'm practicing in (N9522Q - "The Millennium Falcon" as we used to call it because of its funky hubcaps), sure enough the Attitude Indicator was out. Now I ask you, seems a little over the top to try to instruct a student pilot to rely on his instruments, if the instruments don't work, no? But no choice, as N733UJ was in the shop, leaving us with only The Millennium Falcon.

But again, after over 4000 hours on sim, I tend to fly instruments anyway, so this did not pose a huge problem. In fact, I rather enjoyed the challenge really, and it goes to show what happens in real life sometimes, or if the planes are not maintained perfectly. What if the Attitude Indicator goes out?? Now one must rely on other instruments to make up for the loss. One must also "feel" the plane more, as certain senses now become even more important, such as G-forces pulling, sounds, wind, etc., etc.

Good exercise really.