Flight Sim vs real-world VOR Tracking, VOR Intersections and ILS Approaches - Sweet Farewell Stevie Wonder Academy of Aviation

C172 — N9522Q — Tampa Executive Airport, FL — Hood Training, tracking VORs, ILS approach, Unusual Attitude Recovery, and more, 1 Landing — 1.1 hrs

One of the more fun things we did on this flight was fly to various intersections using 2 VORs. VOR navigation; finding intersections, landmarks, etc by tuning 2 VORs, and flying blind (ignoring pilotage) until you get to your destination found on the intersecting radials. Then, when we arrived only then peek out to see if I hit the mark. Now that's fun and a good challenge for hood training.

And so concludes another amusing 1 hr under the hood as I bid farewell to the Stevie Wonder Aviation Academy, and track the centerline of the ILS on down to 300 visibility.  

You know, I have the last laugh here, as many times I tell instructors I have over 4000 hours on Simulation over the years (which I take pretty seriously really), and most of the time I get a little 1-ply expression of distant indirect appreciation and condescending approval, like they think I'm more of a gamer than a real student pilot. But there I am BLINDFOLDED for the last 3 solid hours; tracking VORs, VOR Intersections, Unusual Attitudes, multiple ILS approaches, and all with completely BROKEN Attitude Indicator, and damn if I ain't DOING IT!!

So in your face with "Simming is merely a game..." because it REALLY pays off, all those hours where the real-world physical plane and looking out the window is far less important, and the instruments are there for the learning and practicing.

Truth be told, on Sim, I practice Stalls at 300ft AGL too.  ;)