Practice Checkride

C172 — N9522Q — Tampa Executive Airport, FL — Practice Checkride, 8 Landing — 0.9 hrs

There's a big difference between instructor TELLING you and SHOWING you what to do, and you KNOWING what to do and doing it. To be able to demonstrate competence.

In a practice checkride (or with an instructor, etc.) calling the shots, you're always one step behind. But in a solo flight, or having Pilot-in-Command exclusive autonomy, you can stay one step ahead of the airplane and all maneuvers, and preps leading up to them.  

Here is a list of maneuvers that are likely gonna be called for and checked on a checkride. There might also be other stuff such as tracking your ded reckoning and adjustments to calcs in flight, knowing alternate airports enroute and being prepared for them if necessary, and talking your way thru the flight, decisions and maneuvers as you go.  

  • Normal and crosswind takeoff and climb
  • Normal and crosswind approach and landing
  • Soft-field takeoff and climb
  • Soft-field approach and landing
  • Short-field takeoff and climb
  • Short-field approach and landing
  • Forward slip to a landing
  • Steep turns
  • Ground reference rectangular course / s-turns / turns around a point
  • Maneuvering during slow flight
  • Power-off stalls
  • Power-on stalls
  • Spin awareness
  • Recovery from unusual flight attitudes
  • Emergency descent
  • Emergency approach and landing