There are quite a few airports I would like to put on my Logbook, and here's one of them, L35 Big Bear, CA.

I find in aviation, mostly the journey is more important than the destination and very often getting there is way more fun than being there.

But not with Bi Bear; Elevation 6750ft, edge of a beautiful lake, surrounded by forest covered mountains, fresh cool air, plenty snow in the winter... oh yeah, this is the life.

Although I've been there many many times, I'm thinking of flying in for once. Fly in one Xmas and rent a nice cabin with a fireplace and good view. Have a big breakfast, and off to the slopes for some skiing. Back to enjoy a warm fire and cozy cabin relaxation. In summer I'd go off to the mountain trails for a day of hiking in the forest, and some kayaking on the lake. Squirrels there all year round to keep me company, I love to embrace the sights and sounds of the pine-tree forest anytime of year.