Wing Drops and the E6B Flt Computer Whiz Wheel

C172 — N608DL — Santa Ana > (practice area) — Performance T/O, Stalls, Landing — 1.4hrs

(Photo: In Star Trek episode "The Naked Time", Mr. Spock uses an E-6B to calculate the time of impact of the Enterprise with a planet. In the episodes "Mudd's Women" and "Who Mourns for Adonais?", he is again seen holding an E-6B.) 

On this flight I was truly more engrossed and captivated by the sensation of varying G-forces doing Wing Drops, and feeling like I'm on a roller-coaster. Any flight is a good time for the most part, but discovering Wing Drops is by far the most fun I've had man-handling a plane to date. Zoom, swoop, and back up. What a blast!

I made the call to So Cal Approach on 124.1 to let them know we're headed in from the practice area, and the Controller tells me I'm speaking too fast... ME?? Mr. Shy Guy on the Radio is speaking too fast for the pro ATC Controller?? Huh! That's a first. "Say again for So Cal Approach..." Now THAT's funny.


Anyway. All that day on the ground (all that week really) we were getting deep on the Flight Log planning sheet, calculations and the E6B Whiz Wheel.

Wiki states of the E6B: "These flight computers are used during flight planning (on the ground before takeoff) to aid in calculating fuel burn, wind correction, time en route, and other items. In the air, the flight computer can be used to calculate ground speed, estimated fuel burn and updated estimated time of arrival. The back is designed for wind correction calculations, i.e., determining how much the wind is affecting one's speed and course."

 That's right too. Genius really. Look at all the many calculations and functions the E6B has, and with no computer processor, battery to run down, or even paper to get wet and soggy: 

  • Multiplication and division
  • Ratio Calculations
  • Time, Speed, and Distance Problems
  • Fuel Consumption Problems
  • Unit Conversions
  • Nautical to Statute Miles
  • U.S. Gallons to Imperial Gallons
  • Quantity/Weight Conversions
  • Altitude and Speed Corrections
  • True Airspeed and Density Altitude
  • Converting Mach Number to True Airspeed
  • True Altitude
  • Feet Per Mile vs. Feet Per Minute
  • Off-Course Problems
  • Crosswind Table
  • Wind Correction Angle
  • Winds in Flight
  • and more

Here's the Sporty's E6B Flight Computer Instruction Manual in PDF format...

Me I took the time to learn the shit out of this handy device, and pick it up again from time to time just to play and practice.