Ever wonder how to steer a hot air balloon?

My friend replied: "Now that's an esoteric question - what precipitated that thought?"

My retort was: "Why esoteric? Life is full of endless knowledge, and it's there for the asking. The trick is to be aware and astute enough to know to ask, then ask the right questions. The humor is my sarcastic twist on those right questions. I simply need to know why I'm not rich instead of good looking, and why it is I seem to feel empty promises and artificial obligations would ever take precedence over the right to change old decisions given new facts come to the surface. A reasonable quest in my estimation.

"Further, we all have questions that are never answered, and instead we continue to pose old questions to which we already know the answer. Dumb really. Thus the obvious consistently escapes us. (Unless you're a hot air ballooner...) We see the beautiful hot air balloon, and never think to ask the obvious question of navigation with no thrust nor control surfaces (ailerons or rudder).

"Not to evade the answer, as the simplicity lies in winds aloft moving in different directions in which one can rise and descend to, but really that's beside the point, and leaves the sarcasm to do all heavy lifting in this rather verbose riddle of analogy.

"But if based on shear curiosity, I were to ask you to join in an adventure beyond the imagination, would you take the flight in that hot air balloon?"



Here's a tidbit I've been meaning to post; Cool things I've done many only dream about...

Not to create envy in others, but just to share. Batty said to Deckard:

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe; Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.
All those moments will be lost in time...
Like tears in rain.
Time to die."

Although only 4 years old, Batty had quite a list. I too have a few of my own:

  • Saw a Meteor shower up close in the mountains of Colorado.
  • White-water rafting in the rivers of the Colorado mountains.
  • Camping in Colorado mountains age 17.
  • River drifting on an inner tube in mountains of Colorado.
  • Camping out and dirt "skreeing" down the scree of the mountains of Colorado.
    (scree = Loose rock debris covering a slope, or a slope of loose rock debris at the base of a steep incline or cliff. Also called talus.)
  • In Switzerland I learned to ski, age 7
  • Visited the Matterhorn mountain as a kid.
  • Rode the train thru Rome, age 7.
  • Drove a Volkswagen bug age 9 (yes, shifting gears and all!).
  • Exposed to New York street fights age 14.
  • First Auditing St. Hill age 10.
  • Ski trip to Belgium age 11.
  • Was the fastest runner in the county, age 12.
  • Won an award for best poem in the region, age 12.
  • Performed drums for and audience of 10,000, age 18.
  • Owned a 1968 Plymouth RoadRunner muscle car, drove over 105mph, and did hi-rev smoking tire donuts in the supermarket parking lot.
  • Seen the universe from another dimension.
  • Found a missing girl only by sense of intuition.
  • Saved the lives of several people from oncoming traffic.
  • Flew Cessna small airplanes all over southern California and Florida.
  • Have over 100 hours in my Pilot Logbook.
  • Traveled most of my life, including Italy, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, New York, California, Arizona, Chicago, Oregon, Nevada,
  • Utah, Colorado, Boston, and more.
  • Roller blading over 10 miles downhill in traffic - about 35-40mph.
  • Donations of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to charities and churches.

(I finally had a chance to redo this graphic after so many years, and give it a nice face-lift.)

So what if our day was a little easier to calculate......?

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