What IS the Essence of Time Travel? This story follows a spiritual Being across a vast span of time and across many lifetimes. He travels thru time within each. We focus on three of his lifetimes, with reference to many others. Such travel is not linear as we might presume. He does not need any device, machine, minerals, chemicals, fluids or mind control for travel. That’s not the essence of time travel. Within each lifetime, he travels to both the future and the past as he comes forward in time. A learned scholar, a wise teacher, a visionary profit, a strong and cunning warrior, a noble knight, a shadowed assassin, a mysterious sorcerer, a celebrated hero, an esteemed prince, a generous king, and indeed a powerful god, his adventures are many and very real, each having connected and interlocking premonitions of the future, and clear recall of the distant past. He is wily and wise, yet always asking “WHY?” to the many of life's ultimate yet unanswered questions that we all share. A journey that is both an extraordinary odyssey and spiritual awakening that reaches beyond the boundaries of illusions and facades of time itself.

The traveler thought to himself: “I see something new… Although seeing is believing, I see clearly now that seeing clearly is clearly better without the use of my eyes to see. One cannot believe everything one sees. Obviously. Today's illusion is the fallacy upon which the trap is set. And by whom? Time is the conduit; In yesterday’s future I remain in the present of today---an improved vision of the present as far as I can see, thanks to yesterday. With that all new view from the present today, I shall better see the tomorrow I couldn’t see as clearly yesterday, and see better the yesterday I couldn’t see before tomorrow without seeing what I see now. There's always more to see, after all. What more will I see of yesterday and tomorrow? Is there nothing I can’t see?”

“There’s no limit to imagination. But real life is typically stranger than fiction, and fiction scoffed at with incredulity. So how do you explain unexplainable visions of the past and premonitions of the future that are discovered as true and the depth of their meaning? My intention is not to document scientific evidence, nor an entire account of life spanning eternity. Instead, I merely intend to pose a few questions and highlight a few areas about which most wouldn’t believe any more than a decent sci-fi movie.”

---Christian Peritore