Have you suffered a foreclosure? Think you lost everything?

NO you haven’t! Did you know you could receive COMPENSATION from your foreclosure? Yes, it’s true. You CAN receive thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars that is rightfully yours for the asking!

HRC mission is to recover and get homeowners their monetary assets that is owed to them.

There are literally thousands of homeowners in every county who are rightfully owed monetary assets after their foreclosure, that simply need to be recovered for them.

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They pretended to make loans when actually nothing was ever loaned.

That is called fraud.

How can you “reduce” or “negotiate” something that is nonexistent? If a debt is a fraud then it is nonexistent. Something that doesn’t exist cannot be reduced or negotiated or compromised or consolidated. It can only be cancelled!

A Legal Loophole; It’s kept a well-guarded secret, but there’s an overlooked “loophole” in U.S. law that lets you legally cancel all your credit card debt! ...as long as you do it the right way!

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